#techmums’ History

Our first #techmums pilot took place in 2012, and it proved to be a huge success. Research found that not only was there a huge confidence boost in our mums’ ability to use technology, there was also a significant increase in their more general personal confidence.

In fact, the headmaster of that first pilot school, Nick Soar, said that alongside boosting our mums’ confidence, there was a marked difference observed in their children as well.

Since that first pilot, #techmums has been applauded by the likes of Martha Lane Fox and the Shadow Digital Minister for the work we do in encouraging more women into the tech industry.

#techmums Today

Our #techmums students often come to us with little, to no technical knowledge. Over the five week guided course, we build their confidence, tackling a different aspect of technology through classroom based workshops.

From basic IT skills, to online safety, to programming and app design the course is designed to give a taste of what technology today can do for them.

Kids love it, that their mums have had a go at designing an app!

At the end of the five weeks, each mum gets a graduation certificate. Hitting grading criteria isn’t our focus – instead, we celebrate the overall achievement of gaining confidence in using technology.

#techmums core values and culture

Our mission: creating and connecting kick-ass, tech savvy mums

have PASSION they believe that life is for living
and want to actively make positive change happen

LOVE TECH they understand that tech is the future
and the quickest way to empowerment is to become tech savvy

are LOYAL and true to team #techmums, support
and encourage other mums and promote #techmums to others

are SELF MOTIVATING they are keen to
take the initiative, create and share good ideas

believe in #GIRLPOWER and actively support women. They understand
that the best way to end global poverty is through female empowerment

want to CHANGE THE WORLD and are committed to
ending global inequality, they understand #techmums role in achieving that.

By 2020 one million mums worldwide will be connected

and making positive change happen.

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