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What is #techmums?

#techmums was relaunched in 2018 by Tech Evangelist Prof Sue Black OBE.

#techmums runs programs and initiatives designed to support mothers becoming more familiar, confident, and excited about the use of technology
in their personal, professional, and parenting lives.

#techmums vision is to reach a million mums and ignite potential in not only mums, but their families, and their communities.

#techmums trains women in key areas including: Tech Skills, The Cloud, Digital Safety, and Coding to allow them to enter a new career path and gain confidence regarding returning to employment or setting up their own businesses.

Evaluations of #techmums programmes have found that not only do graduates evidence increased confidence in their ability to use technology, there is also significant increase in their overall confidence and aspirations for their own and their family’s futures.

#techmumsTV and #techmums were both featured in Forbes and The Financial Times.

Why #techmums?

When I founded #techmums, I did it with one aim: to empower women through technology. As a single mum, I brought my own family out of poverty through tech education, so I know its power first hand.

Today, it’s easy to see technology as the enemy, where as in fact it can be life-changing in an incredibly positive way. Our courses help women harness that potential in their own lives, giving them the confidence, skills and inspiration to play an active role in our shared digital future.

Dr. Sue Black OBE Founder, #techmums

#techmums’ History

Our first #techmums pilot took place in 2012, and it proved to be a huge success. Research found that not only was there a huge confidence boost in our mums’ ability to use technology, there was also a significant increase in their more general personal confidence.

In fact, the headmaster of that first pilot school, Nick Soar, said that alongside boosting our mums’ confidence, there was a marked difference observed in their children as well.

Since that first pilot, #techmums has been applauded by the likes of Martha Lane Fox and the Shadow Digital Minister for the work we do in encouraging more women into the tech industry.

#techmums Today

As a result of the initial workshops, #techmums developed #techmumsClubs- a 10-week programme that mums attend in-person to develop confident, skills, and friendships. #techmumsClubs run in conjunction with partners across the UK.
In February 2018 #techmums launched #techmumsTV in partnership with Facebook where 5 weekly 1 hour episodes were live streamed all about young mothers and technology. #techmumsTV focused on giving mothers the confidence and resources to embrace digital opportunities. The live shows were shown in key Home-Start UK centres across the country at MumsConnected Parties where local mums were invited to bring their children along. In addition, inspirational young mums were invited to appear as guests on the show, with the aim of sharing stories that other young mums could relate to, breaking down stigmas about young mums and give these guests an opportunity to increase their own self-worth. The #techmumsTV live shows were broadcast from the #techmums Facebook page and were publicly available to enable people to watch without opening a Facebook account. The 5 #techmumsTV episodes covered the following topics:
  • Staying Safe Online
  • Managing Your Finances Online
  • Finding a Job Online
  • Finding Your Voice Online
  • Buying and Selling Online
Watch #techmumsTV HERE which have now collectively had over 200,000 views worldwide.

#techmums core values and culture

Our mission: creating and connecting kick-ass, tech savvy mums

have PASSION they believe that life is for living
and want to actively make positive change happen

LOVE TECH they understand that tech is the future
and the quickest way to empowerment is to become tech savvy

are LOYAL and true to team #techmums, support
and encourage other mums and promote #techmums to others

are SELF MOTIVATING they are keen to
take the initiative, create and share good ideas

believe in #GIRLPOWER and actively support women. They understand
that the best way to end global poverty is through female empowerment

want to CHANGE THE WORLD and are committed to
ending global inequality, they understand #techmums role in achieving that.

We are building a community of one million mums to change the world

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