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#techmums helps mums, predominantly in disadvantaged areas, to improve their, and their children’s lives. The #techmums programme is free for mums. We want any mum, regardless of her income, to be able to join the programme if she wishes. Your donation will help put a mum, or several mums through the programme.

1 mum £300
10 mums £3000

If you are considering a larger donation or if you’d like to become a sponsor, please get in touch with us.

Thank you for your support, you are helping us to change lives 😀

I am not just a mum, I am a person who can go out and achieve something for myself. Since I joined #techmums I've signed up to do my maths GCSE and applied for and got a job.


I am so grateful for the course because as a direct result of our #Techmums training, I landed a new job.


All schools should run #techmums!
The mums who took the course loved the collegiate atmosphere and the very real skills they gained that they could then use in the workplace, in job interviews and in helping support their own children.

Nick Soarheadteacher

Techmums changed my life! The tech skills I learnt on the #techmums programme have made my business more successful.


The Essex mums who have gotten involved in #techmums have loved it, and the confidence it has given them has led some to sign up for more learning – which is exactly what we hoped for. Our tutors have also been really energised by the level of enthusiasm for the programme.

Gill Furlong

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