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Welcome to the #techmums online tech taster course. My name is Dr Sue Black and I am the founder of #techmums – you will learn more about me and our mission in this module.

The #techmums team and I are very excited to have you join us and hope you enjoy this course as you start your journey into the digital world. We hope you see your horizons opening up as you start to get a feel for all the exciting opportunities technology can bring to your life.

Our children and grandchildren will live in a world where technology is integrated into everything they do and we passionately believe in giving children the skills to function at their best in the world they will inherit. But we simply cannot get there without your help!

We want every mum to be comfortable enough with technology to encourage and challenge their children to get the most out of every opportunity.

Even more than that we want YOU to love using technology as much as we do. So let’s get started on this awesome journey!

Introduction to #techmums

We would love to share with you a bit about who we are, what we do and how we hope to change the world! Watch the videos and join us in our mission.

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