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#techmums is here to take the mystery out of technology. Whether it’s helping you to reconnect with old friends via social media, chatting to your child about online safety or finding out how to use technology to help you at work, #techmums can help you learn.

You don’t need to know anything about technology to join one of our courses – if you give us two hours a week, we’ll guide you through a huge range of technological possibilities, completely free. When you finish the course, you’ll receive a graduation certificate (and an enormous sense of achievement!).


Why #techmums?

When I founded #techmums, I did it with one aim: to empower women through technology. As a single mum, I brought my own family out of poverty through tech education, so I know its power first hand.

Today, it’s easy to see technology as the enemy, where as in fact it can be life-changing in an incredibly positive way. Our courses help women harness that potential in their own lives, giving them the confidence, skills and inspiration to play an active role in our shared digital future.

Dr. Sue Black OBE Founder, #techmums

#techmums’ History

Our first #techmums pilot took place in 2012, and it proved to be a huge success. Research found that not only was there a huge confidence boost in our mums’ ability to use technology, there was also a significant increase in their more general personal confidence.

In fact, the headmaster of that first pilot school, Nick Soar, said that alongside boosting our mums’ confidence, there was a marked difference observed in their children as well.

Since that first pilot, #techmums has been applauded by the likes of Martha Lane Fox and the Shadow Digital Minister for the work we do in encouraging more women into the tech industry.

#techmums Today

Our #techmums students often come to us with little, to no technical knowledge. Over the five week guided course, we build their confidence, tackling a different aspect of technology through classroom based workshops.

From basic IT skills, to online safety, to programming and app design the course is designed to give a taste of what technology today can do for them.

Kids love it, that their mums have had a go at designing an app!

At the end of the five weeks, each mum gets a graduation certificate. Hitting grading criteria isn’t our focus – instead, we celebrate the overall achievement of gaining confidence in using technology.

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“I am not just a mum, I am a person who can go out and achieve something for myself. Since I joined #techmums I've signed up to do my maths GCSE and applied for and got a job.”


“I am so grateful for the course because as a direct result of our #Techmums training, I landed a new job.”


“All schools should run #techmums! The mums who took the course loved the collegiate atmosphere and the very real skills they gained that they could then use in the workplace, in job interviews and in helping support their own children.”

Nick Soarheadteacher

“Techmums changed my life! The tech skills I learnt on the #techmums program have made my business more successful.”


“The Essex mums who have gotten involved in #techmums have loved it, and the confidence it has given them has led some to sign up for more learning – which is exactly what we hoped for. Our tutors have also been really energised by the level of enthusiasm for the programme.”

Gill Furlong

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